• Flower Bikini Top - Yilou
  • Flower Bikini Top - yilou
  • Flower Bikini Top - yilou

Flower Bikini Top

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Our flower Bikini Top is made with 80% recycled polyester and 20% lycra.

It is super soft to the touch !

The Wera Jane silk pyjama set is finally here !

About Wera Jane Heymann

Who are you ?

I am a product designer, my work focuses on enhancing the enjoyment of everyday objects.

How would you describe the process of your work ?

Each lamp is unique and completely handmade. Their painted structural frames are produced by a local metal workshop, and I hand-weave these in my studio with Italian cotton thread. From a distance, they resemble ancient, angular vases, and they range in depth and height from the relatively shallow “flying saucer” shapes to more elongated lanterns.​ Such combinations ensure that the lamps are as appealing by day as they are by night, when they produce a softly slatted, atmospheric light.

What inspired you for this collaboration with Yilou ?

As for this collaboration I wanted to dive into how it is to bring color arrangements on to fabrics. Diving more into the process of interacting different patterns and colors on to fabrics.

What do you love the most about your work ?

What I love about my work the most is the freedom and the endless exploration of bringing ideas to life.